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The summer course

The xurias course offers young people aged 17-19 the opportunity to learn about business and develop leadership skills. under the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs you'll know how a company can be started, how to develop a product and how teams can be guided.

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Start your own company

At the beginning of the course you are going to create your own company with a group of 5. You'll be taught how your company will fit in with the others and how to set it up.


You will learn how to brand your company, and you will create your own marketing plan. You will think of how your marketing strategy will be and how to bring it to the public eye.


You will learn how to develop your concept product of your company, and how to distribute it. You are going to creatively think of how you will create your products.


You will learn how to present with confidence and how to sell your products to clients or investors.


You will learn how to manage your company and teams, you will create your vision for the future and with it your strategy. You'll also learn how to network with others.




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applications end July 1st